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Ep. 304 Emma Hulme on Conserving the American West with American Conservation Experience

    Joining us on the pod is Emma Hulme, who spent her post-college gap time with the American Conservation Experience (or ACE), a branch of Americorps that coordinates and trains volunteers to undertake practical environmental restoration projects in America’s national parks, forests, wildlife refuges and other public lands. Emma tells us about how her three month stint with ACE turned into nearly a year of service in various parts of the west, and led her to her current adventures abroad and taking the leap to push outside of her comfort zone.   Interested in finding out more about ACE?..

EP. 303 Gap Years x College Admissions

    Ever wonder what colleges think about the gap year option? This episode we are joined by Skyler Adams, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions at Northwestern University. Skyler tells about the gap year from the admissions perspective and how to think about a gap year as it relates to applying for college. We also discuss the ideal deferral plan, how deferring can impact financial aid and why a gap year won’t help get you into college.     Show Notes: Tips for thinking about planning your gap year while applying to college:   Create list of deferral-friendly schools (check school websites,..

Ep. 302 Dividing Up Your Gap Year with Mackenzie Burke

This episode you are going to hear from Mackenzie Burke, a gap year alumni who participated in three distinct program during her gap time. She chats about the various passions and interests these three segments served for her, from the plains of East Africa, to researching life under the sea in Timor-Leste, to living on her own in Cusco Peru. Additionally she shares with us a bit more about the independence progression that she intentionally set up for herself during this year. Show Notes: The Three Sections of Mackenzie’s Gap Year Gap Semester in East Africa with ARCC Gap Marine..

Ep. 301 Gap Year Entrepreneurs Kris, Anika and Cecilia

Welcome to Season Three of Gap Year Radio! We are excited to bring you a brand new season of exciting interviews. Our premiere episode features three entrepreneurs who launched successful social ventures as a result of their gap year experiences. You’ll hear from Kris Cody of PAKA Apparel, Anika Funk of Banana Backpacks and Cecilia Polanco of So Good Pupusas. Although these three stories are unique to each of their personal journeys, they share a common thread of their gap time influencing their worldviews, and eventually, their enterprising career paths. As Kris says,” Taking a gap year in of itself..

Ep. 208 Gap Year Preparation with Professional Gap Year Counselors Jason, Marion and Susan

How does one prepare for a transformative experience like a gap year? To close out our second season of Gap Year Radio, we invited three professional gap year counselors; Jason Sarouhan of the Center for Interim Programs, Marion Taylor of Taylor the Gap and Susan Staley of Free to Roam Adventures, to discuss what they think are the most important ways to prepare for a gap year. We’ll cover mental and physical preparation as well as tips for staying safe on your gap time. Jason’s Advice: Set Intentions As an ultra-marathoner, Jason knows what it means to mentally prepare for..

Ep. 207 Jacqueline Contino on A Wildlife Focused Gap Year in South Africa

Joining Margo on the pod is Jacqueline Contino, who spent a life-changing post-undergraduate gap year in South Africa through the program Oyster Worldwide. After studying a pre-veterinary track in college, she ended up participating in two separate programs in South Africa during her gap time, first studying wildlife veterinary medicine. It was during this first stint in the country where she discovered that maybe there was a different path calling to her, and she was able to return to the same place in South Africa to pursue her now dreams of becoming a park ranger. Jacqueline traveled with Oyster Worldwide,..

Ep. 206 Planning Your Independent Gap Year

Joining us in this episode is Sasha Landauer and Jiyoung Jeong and of Gapyearly, who start us off by telling us a bit more about their own independent gap years post high school before beginning their undergraduate education at Stanford University. They now co-direct the online gap year platform Gapyearly, which offers firsthand feedback of gap year experiences and free support for prospective gap parents as well as students who are considering gap time. They have recently co-written a Gap Year Planning Guide in partnership with the Gap Year Association, with special editing and design assistance from Erin Aucar of..

Ep. 205 Elisabeth Mulder on Gap at Glen Brook

Elisabeth Mulder joins Margo on the pod to discuss her gap semester spent in New Hampshire with Gap at Glen Brook. This is a US based gap program with a mission rooted in the belief that “each of us must unleash our authentic identity, create interdependent capacities, and develop our wholeness to face the challenges of our time”. From spending two days solo in the woods, to returning as a summer camp counselor at Glen Brook and now heading back this summer for her third stint of time, Elisabeth’s passion for her experience with Gap at Glen Brook is inspiring.

Ep. 204 Andre and Tiger on the City Year Experience

Andre Morgan and Tiger Mar share their experiences as City Year volunteers in New Orleans and Boston. City Year is an 11-month-long Americorps volunteer program under the umbrella of the Corporation for National and Community Service, a federal agency that engages millions of Americans in national service. City Year operates in 29 cities nationwide and has an upcoming application deadline (April 19) for its 19/20 cohort of members! City Year helps to close gaps in high-need schools by supporting students’ academic and social-emotional development while also providing schools with the additional capacity to enhance school culture and climate. City Year..

Ep. 203 Holly Morrison of Art History Abroad

Julia and Margo take a break while on the road for the USA Gap Year Fairs to talk all things art history with Holly Morrison, a former Art History Abroad alumni who has now turned her passions in the field into her adult career. With a fascinating take on the “heart, mind, and soul” of a gap year through her own personal gap year journey post-high school, Holly shares her deep passion for travel and art history with us and all the adventures that an AHA semester can entail! If you are interested in learning more about Art History Abroad,..