Joining us in this episode is Sasha Landauer and Jiyoung Jeong and of Gapyearly, who start us off by telling us a bit more about their own independent gap years post high school before beginning their undergraduate education at Stanford University. They now co-direct the online gap year platform Gapyearly, which offers firsthand feedback of gap year experiences and free support for prospective gap parents as well as students who are considering gap time.

Jiyoung and Sasha are no strangers to adventure!

They have recently co-written a Gap Year Planning Guide in partnership with the Gap Year Association, with special editing and design assistance from Erin Aucar of Amigos, who also joins us on the episode to walk us through this incredible resource for future gappers out there.

Thanks for your help with the planning guide Erin!

Show Notes:

Sasha & Jiyoung:

GapYearly highlights independent experiences and offers informal mentoring by recent gap year students.

Most random experiences:

Sasha: Chestnut harvesting in Italy (chestnuts are spiky!!!)

Julia: Walking fat goats in New Zealand…

Walking goats…not a thing!


Nugget of wisdom: Start with your goals!