We are thrilled to have Sarah Byrden of the Elemental Self on this episode to discuss sexual education, emerging sexuality and healthy relationships to self and others with emerging adults and gap year students in mind.

For gap year students themselves, we will discuss how to frame your sexual health in the context of you gap year experience; Sarah will share some wisdom about how to frame sexuality in your gap experiences. For parents, caregivers and educators, Sarah highlights some important reminders about having open and honest conversations about these topics to ensure that young adults are equipped with the knowledge and tools they need to navigate their relationships safely and with confidence. Join us for this enlightening discussion!


Sarah’s TEDx Talk: Sex On Campus: How We’re Missing The Mark

Sarah’s Other TEDx Talk: Good sex isn’t about knowing what you’re doing

Sarah’s Bio: Sarah Byrden is a somatic practitioner, educator and wilderness guide and has been facilitating in these mediums for over 20 years. She has dedicated over 2 decades to deep study and apprenticeship in western and non-western modalities, and teaches from her own life-long journey in the realms that she offers. Her 2nd TEDx talk, based on the perspective and approach shared in this podcast, has garnered nearly 3 million views. Along with her company The Elemental Self, Sarah is the founder of The Body of Sex, a sex-education and empowerment mission for college-aged students and adults of all ages. She lives in the unceded Tewa territory of Santa Fe, NM.