Welcome to Season Three of Gap Year Radio! We are excited to bring you a brand new season of exciting interviews. Our premiere episode features three entrepreneurs who launched successful social ventures as a result of their gap year experiences. You’ll hear from Kris Cody of PAKA Apparel, Anika Funk of Banana Backpacks and Cecilia Polanco of So Good Pupusas. Although these three stories are unique to each of their personal journeys, they share a common thread of their gap time influencing their worldviews, and eventually, their enterprising career paths. As Kris says,” Taking a gap year in of itself is an entrepreneurial act.” Note to listeners: Read the show notes for exclusive discount codes for PAKA and Banana Backpacks!

Show Notes:

Kris Cody of PAKA Apparel

What he did on his gap year: Workaway in Italy, Senda Verde Wildlife Sanctuary in Bolivia, backpacking through South America.

Rens Shoes made from recycled coffee beans

Read here for more on the PAKA brand ambassador program

PAKA’s new sweater drops October 1st! Use Coupon Code GAPYEAR for 20% off their online store. Thank you Kris!!!

Anika Funk of Banana Backpacks

What she did on her gap year: Backpacked though India, Nepal and Southeast Asia.

An organization she recommends you get to know: Friends International, Cambodia

Read about the Banana Backpacks social mission here.

Banana Backpacks has a new line out! Check out the Kiri pack in addition to their flagship Khmer line. Use Coupon Code GAPYEAR for a discount in the Banana Backpacks online store!

Cecilia Polanco of So Good Pupusas

What she did on her gap year: Secured a UNC Global Gap Fellowship and traveled to Europe (wwoofed and traveled in Italy) au paired in Australia and kayaked in Alaska with NOLS.

Her starting point for gap year planning: Love of pizza (which led her to Italy)

Read here about the great work of Pupusas for Education, which is now supporting undocumented students to take a gap year through a special grant, in additional to their traditional college scholarships.

Read more about the Travel Access Project, which co-sponsors the Pupusas for Education gap year grants.