Marco Marsans spent his gap year on four continents, expanding his understanding of himself as well as the mechanisms that make the global economy run. Marco learned that by understanding the functions of micro and macro economies, he can affect positive change in the world. In his captivating interview, Marco details how traveling in Asia, working with refugees in Costa Rica and interning at a private equity firm in Amsterdam informed his thinking on how to dismantle global inequities. 

Marco divided his gap year into trimesters :

  1. Youth International Asia (personal growth)
  2. Interning in Costa Rica with CIME, working with refugees and asylum seekers (using private capital and entrepreneurship for societal good)
  3. Interning in Europe with a private equity firm in Amsterdam
  4. He worked with Jane Sarouhan, gap year counselor, to formulate his gap year plans

How can you help refugees on your gap year?

  1. Visit Omprakash to find grassroots opportunities in migration and refugee services abroad.
  2. Find your local refugee resettlement office, where you can volunteer to help welcome New Americans and provide resettlement services and orientation.
  3. Search Idealist for opportunities with non-profits that provide services to refugees or New Americans.
  4. More mature volunteers who want to help in Europe can take at look at this google doc for info about working in Greece.