It’s Thanksgiving week, so we wanted to bring you an episode that celebrates family. Michael’s gap year story is as much about family as some of the amazing adventures he did independently.  Michael joined structured programs in Asia and Africa, but also interned and traveled with friends and family.  In this episode Michael and his dad Ron join us to talk about their gap year experiences (Ron took one as a young man too) and how they agree that a gap year is one of the best investments that you can make in your future. 

Episode Notes:

Michael’s awesome blog

Ron’s Tips for Parents in Gap Year Planning:

  • Attend a USA Gap Year Fair event 
  • Work with a gap year counselor
  • Allow your child to make the choices and be supportive
  • Encourage family travel during gap year if possible/appropriate
Michael in Asia

ARCC Asia: Michael’s first program

Here is the video about Michael’s capstone project about Chinese investment in Cambodia

The Leap Tanzania: Michael’s second program

Michael & Ron’s go-to bonding activity while traveling: Segway tours

Julia’s only knowledge of Segways: