Ep. 706 Sam Ballard on Dynamy Internship Year

This episode features Sam Ballard, an alum of Dynamy Internship Year’s class of 2021. Sam spent both his fall and spring semesters of his gap year with Dynamy, a domestic gap year program based in Worcester, Massachusetts. Sam was able to participate in two very different internship opportunities in Worcester during his year, with his fall semester being at an automotive shop and his spring semester being at a digital marketing agency. Sam shares with us the many insights gained from these two unique working opportunities, as well as more about the structure of the program at Dynamy and how that has not only helped to direct his studies in college this year but furthermore allowed him to develop many useful life skills that have proved incredibly helpful now at college!

You can find Dynamy Internship Year online at https://dynamy.org/ or on Facebook and Instagram @dynamyinternshipyear.