On this episode, your co-hosts Julia and Margo come together to get excited for Gap Year Exploration in February! We discuss the various opportunities this month to #explorethegapyear, and how you can remain engaged throughout this exciting month of opportunities. Additionally we delve into the somewhat daunting task fo funding your gap year. We provdie you with various ideas and tools to make your gap year dreams become reality.

What is Gap Year Exploration Month?

At its core, Gap Year Exploration Month, or GYEM (pronounced “gem”), is a time to share information, recognize, support, and celebrate those who are considering or have taken a gap year. For the month of February, educators, program providers, industry groups, gap year alumni, and others come together to grow awareness of the gap year option and its benefits. It’s a valuable time to #ExploreTheGapYear through the multitude of resources and opportunities that are made available during this month.

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