In this special before-and-after episode of Gap Year Radio, we embark on an awe-inspiring conversation with Journey Fleishman, a remarkable gap year student who undertook the incredible feat of hiking the entire Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) in the Western US. Part I was recorded before she hit the trail and Part II was recorded after she finished the hike: In both conversations, Julia and Journey take a deep dive into the challenges, triumphs, and transformative experiences that Journey encountered during her epic adventure.

Journey takes us through her decision to embark on this ambitious journey, discussing her motivations, preparations, and the support network that helped her along the way. We delve into the physical and mental challenges of hiking over 2,650 miles, from the southern border of California to the northern border of Washington, experiencing the diverse landscapes and climates that the PCT offers.

The episode explores the personal growth and self-discovery that Journey experienced during her time on the trail, shedding light on how this epic adventure transformed her perspective on life, nature, and her own capabilities. Journey shares anecdotes of encounters with fellow hikers, illustrating the strong sense of community that exists within the PCT hiking culture.

Listeners will gain insights into the practical aspects of long-distance hiking, including gear choices and the daily rhythm of a thru-hiker’s life. By the way, her top gear choices are the REI Magma 15 sleeping bag, her ULA Circuit pack, and her trusty ground pad!

Whether you’re an experienced hiker, aspiring adventurer, or simply someone looking for inspiration, this episode of Gap Year Radio is a captivating and motivational exploration of an extraordinary gap year experience. Journey Fleishman’s Pacific Crest Trail adventure reminds us all that the path less traveled can lead to remarkable personal growth and unforgettable adventures.

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