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Ep. 504 Staying Active Post-Election with Justice in June’s Bryanna Wallace and Autumn Gupta

Ep. 504 Staying Active Post-Election with Justice in June’s Bryanna Wallace and Autumn Gupta




“It all started with a conversation.” That’s how Justice in June co-founder Bryanna Wallace describes the genesis of the massively successful Justice in June resource. The conversation was a heart-to-heart with her best friend from college Autumn Gupta after the murder of George Floyd earlier this year. After this conversation, Autumn leapt into action to create a resource to help people become better allies to the black community. What started off as a google doc has grown into a website, an educational tool and another modality to ensure people continue active anti-racist education and action.

In our conversation, we hear about the origin of Justice in June, how people can plug into the resource and their strategies for getting through this week and beyond, no matter the outcome of the election!

Find Your Lane

Bryanna and Autumn advise allies to test out ways to engage with this work and make sure that their method is exciting for them. If protesting isn’t your thing, try writing letter to lawmakers. This diagram below showcases the many ways people can plug into social movements. Bryanna and Autumn have clearly found their niche with education and outreach!

Self-Care During November and Beyond

Spend some time thinking through your self-care toolbox so you can stay strong during election week/month/year. Here are some of the things we discussed as being on our Menu of Self Care:

  • Setting boundaries for how you show up around election time.
  • Staying connected to your faith.
  • Checking in with friends.
  • Activating your “inner-circle” for emotional support.
  • Make plans for social justice work this next weekend or later in the moment so you have something to look forward to.
  • Dance.
  • Stay vulnerable. Feel the feelings.
  • If necessary, host a “pity party” for yourself with a defined length of time.
Thank you Bryanna and Autumn!
Ep. 503 Anushka Goel on Virtual Gapping with Global Citizen Academy

Ep. 503 Anushka Goel on Virtual Gapping with Global Citizen Academy




Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a covid gap year student? Are you curious what you’d do on a virtual gap year program? Today we hear from current gap year student Anushka Goel, who is participating in Global Citizen Academy.


Global Citizen Academy is the virtual offering from Global Citizen Year, an organization that aims to build the next generation of global leaders. Anushka tells us how she is building that skill set alongside her virtual internship with OXFAM.



PS: Shawn Mendes approves


Ep. 502 Caleb Kyle of Outward Bound Costa Rica

Ep. 502 Caleb Kyle of Outward Bound Costa Rica

Ready to take a tropical detour? You are in the right place!

In episode you’ll hear from Caleb Kyle, an alum of Outward Bound Costa Rica and Torchbearer’s in New Zealand. His gap year experiences included surfing in sleepy Kiwi towns, exploring his faith through being in nature, gaining leadership skills in Central America and learning to roll with a covid evacuation in Panama.

Caleb’s biggest takeaways:

  • Priority of where he lives – he discovered he wants to be in Colorado to take advantage of snowboarding, rock climbing, kayaking and the other outdoor activities he enjoys. His gap year experiences allowed him to gain more certifications to do these activities safely in the back country.
  • Maturity and more self-awareness
Caleb and his cohort in Costa Rica

“Outward Bound Costa Rica was the most difficult thing I’ve ever done but I was able to learn so much from it.”

Ep. 501 Katy Oliveira of Collegehood Advice

Ep. 501 Katy Oliveira of Collegehood Advice

Katy Oliveira

Ok, so here’s what we know in September of 2020: There are a TON of students taking a gap year this year! And they are finding creative and meaningful ways to spend their year. We want to help students make the most of their gap year this year- especially if was unexpected.

With that in mind, we invited College Success Expert Katy Oliveira to tell us about skill-building. As the host of the Collegehood Advice podcast, Katy regularly speaks to experts who share tips about how to succeed during college and thrive during life. Katy walks us through the three sets of skills that college students need to be able to thrive on campus and how to build those skills on your gap year.

Show Notes

Skill # 1 Grit & Hope

Companion Episode: How to Grow Your Grit & Hope:

Skill # 2 Project Management and Organization

Companion Episode: How to Organize Your Week in 20 Minutes:

See also: Gap Year Alum Bliss Bean‘s videos on youtube!

Skill #3 Self-Advocacy

Companion Episode: How to Become Your Own Advocate:

Ep. 407 Julia & Margo on Gap Years vs. Coronavirus feat. Drew Beasley

Ep. 407 Julia & Margo on Gap Years vs. Coronavirus feat. Drew Beasley

Today on the pod we are rounding out Season Four of Gap Year Radio with a feature from your cohosts, Margo and Julia. We discuss gap year and college planning in the time of COVID, something we know so many high school seniors are grappling with this year. For the second half of the show you will hear from Drew Beasley, a gap year alumni who started college both with and without gap time, and speaks to the important that time abroad had on his future, and his current work helping to promote the gap year movement.

Also, for all you cool cats and kittens out there planning a gap year (expected or unexpected) check out the affordable Gap Year Association Student membership! You’ll get plugged into forums run by gap year experts, discounts on gap year related experiences and more!

Drew spent his gap semester with ARCC Gap in the Pacific Islands traveling through Sumatra, Bali, and Fiji. He has been working closely with GoOverseas and the USA Gap Year Fairs to help promote the gap year movement. And you can find Drew’s personal compilation of video media on YouTube or on Instagram @drew_beas.

EP. 406 Gary Robinson of P3 on Wellness While Planning For Gap Year or College

EP. 406 Gary Robinson of P3 on Wellness While Planning For Gap Year or College

In this episode, you have the privilege of hearing from our good friend and colleague Gary Robinson of P3 Mental Health Advisors. Gary is joining us to discuss mental health concerns for current/prospective gappers as well as college students, and gives us some helpful tips for how to manage mental wellness during this challenging and unprecedented time.

“[Students] will actually come out of this stronger, more resilient, with more grit and greater ability to go with the flow in the future.”

– Gary Robinson

You can find Gary and his colleagues at P3 Mental Health online at, and on Twitter and Instagram @p3mentalhealth.

Ep. 405 Francesca Eremeeva on Taking a Political Gap Year

Ep. 405 Francesca Eremeeva on Taking a Political Gap Year

Franny Eremeeva’s political journey started when she received an email from Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign asking “Do you want to be a fellow?” She volunteered and interned on Clinton’s presidential campaign during her gap year in addition to traveling to East Africa with Adventures Cross Country and Italy with the American University of Rome. She went on to intern at the Council on Foreign Relations and for Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren (heard of her?). Now, she’s about to graduate from Mount Holyoke College with a degree in international relations and a fire in her belly to change the world. In this episode of Gap Year Radio, Franny shares her wisdom for how to secure positions with election campaigns and cause-based organizations and how to make the most of them once you are there.

For more information and resources for how to get involved in Election 2020 as a young person, visit Election 2020 Gap Year.

Franny’s tasks during her work on Hillary Clinton’s campaign:

  • Phone Banking
  • Canvassing in urban and remote areas
  • Setting up for events
  • Lunch runs for staffers
  • Making copies/admin work
  • Ice Cream Captain (yes, actually a title)

How to get involved in an election campaign without any experience:

  • Think about your personal values and what wakes you up in the morning. Craft a personal story about how you connect to the issue.
  • Create a list of three of those things. Jot down your personal story.
  • Research political candidates or organizations that resonate with you (eg climate justice, immigration, LGBTQ+ etc)
  • Contact your local polittical party chapter
  • NETWORK find ins with personal contacts, email contacts on websites etc
  • Be persistent!!!

Franny’s Words of Wisdom

“If you have a positive attitude and say yes to every and any job you’re given and do those jobs really well, you are guaranteed lots and lots of opportunities.”

“You can and must ask for a meeting with every single person in the organization all the way up to the top…Those people will stay professional contacts for you as you continue in your professional journey.

Fight for something you believe in. “The change you believe in is the right change to be a part of.”

Don’t feel like you can’t do multiple things with your gap time – don’t feel pressured to the things that’s ‘best for humanity’ the entire time…the best thing to do for humanity is to do what’s best for yourself.

Ep. 404 Focusing on Environmental Sustainability with Gap Year Alum Ivy Jones 

Ep. 404 Focusing on Environmental Sustainability with Gap Year Alum Ivy Jones 

Gap year alum Ivy Jones spent her gap year expanding her knowledge and experience in environmental sustainability. She began her year with a Thinking Beyond Borders semester spent in Guatemala and Costa Rica education systems, sustainable agriculture and eco-tourism. Inspired by her experience with TBB, she dove deeper into environmental issues with EcoSwell, a grassroots organization based in Peru. There she assisted the organization in projects to support eco-tourism, reforestation projects and sustainable living. Her gap year informed her course of study at college and changed the ways she lives her daily life in order to have a lighter footprint on the planet. Ivy worked with GYA accredited gap year counselor Marion Taylor to formulate her plans.

Ivy with friend and community member during Thinking Beyond Borders semester

About Thinking Beyond Borders:

Thinking Beyond Borders is an educational institution helping students prepare for careers that improve our world. They believe meaningful learning comes from engaging directly with issues affecting people in the real world. TBB students live within communities, work alongside committed change leaders, develop a deeper understanding of the world, and identify their capacity to create meaningful impact.

About EcoSwell

EcoSwell is a surfing inspired not-for-profit NGO whose mission is to design and develop socio-environmental, educational and infrastructure projects with the purpose of guiding the development of vulnerable communities through a path of sustainability. We improve the lives of those in need and help protect our natural environment. Ivy found EcoSwell via Omprakash, a database of low-cost grassroots volunteer opportunities.

More about EcoSwell from Ivy:

“[In addition to the Surfanomics project] for a while I was in charge of collecting data on a reforestation project (interviewing
people in the community to see how it was going). I was in charge of
the composting toilet and collecting a sample to send to a lab to see
if we could use the compost, and I helped them design a new website.
Another interesting project I wasn’t directly involved in but learned
all about was an ecotourism project to build hiking trails and train
tour guides in a nearby town.”

About Taylor the Gap

Taylor The Gap is a personalized, inclusive gap year consulting service nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, in Boulder, Colorado. Founder and owner Marion Taylor works with young and adult students nationally from all orientations, abilities, and economic backgrounds, and emphasizes student ownership and direction in the design of customized gap experiences based on interests and goals. She distinguishes herself by experiencing and vetting gap programs in an ongoing basis to keep current of gap issues. Marion is fully registered with Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) in case of security alerts or travel advisories. She also serves as keynote speaker at USA Gap Fairs and speaks regularly at colleges and high schools. Time out may be a gap year or semester between high school and college, between college terms, after college, mid-career, or during retirement. This period of self-exploration instills confidence, focus, and motivation for future educational pursuits in younger students, while enabling older adults to find purpose and connection in their later years.

Ep. 403 Disaster Relief Volunteering with Riley and Josiah

Ep. 403 Disaster Relief Volunteering with Riley and Josiah

When disaster strikes, we are all asked to give money to help in the immediate aftermath. But once a disaster zone shifts to a recovery zone, you are also able to donate time and your own sweat. In this episode, we speak with Josiah Johnson and Riley Piva, two incredible gap year alums who dedicated time to disaster recovery with the international relief organization All Hands and Hearts. They open up about the experience volunteering in disaster relief, the mental health benefits of serving others and how you can get involved! 

About All Hands and Hearts:

All Hands and Hearts effectively and efficiently addresses the immediate and long-term needs of communities impacted by natural disasters. We communicate directly with local leaders and community members and then deploy our unique model of engaging volunteers to enable direct impact, helping to build safer, more resilient schools, homes and infrastructure. 

Riley and Josiah mentioned they received free flights to their projects. As of 2020, travel assistance is limited to certain programs for volunteers who can commit to a predetermined length of service. Check out AHAH FAQs for more information on travel assistance.

Interested in volunteering? Check out the All Hands and Hearts active programs here

Ep. 402 Andrew Buchanan on the Morehead Cain Scholarship and his Self-Designed Gap Year

Ep. 402 Andrew Buchanan on the Morehead Cain Scholarship and his Self-Designed Gap Year

Show Notes

Andrew Buchanan joins us on the pod to discuss the various adventures he was able to have during his gap time. Andrew is a recipient of the Morehead Cain Scholarship, a program that provides a fully funded four year undergraduate degree at UNC Chapel Hill, as well as offers funding for a gap year. Andrew was actually the first recipient of the gap year grant through the scholarship program, which provides $7,500 to any student taking a gap year with a significant international component. Andrew walks us through his year long adventures that included both family and solo travels through Latin America, the Caribbean, Oceania, Southeast and Central Asia, to name a few. Not to mention his NOLS course in Patagonia, which is part of a requirement for any Morehead Cain Scholar.

During his year Andrew and his brother kept a shared blog, exploring their creativity in recording their travels through photography, blogging, and videography. To see some awe-inspiring photos and follow along on their adventures, you can check out their website The Buchanan Project here.